A good relocation requires an experienced relocation company, and this is exactly what Rally Express USA is. The result is "peace of mind" for our valued customers.

Our experienced staff will explain the relocation process and advise you on your particular move. Your assigned relocation professional will explain the following for you: Visas, appliances, customs, etc. Your shipment will then be monitored from your doorstep until it reaches its final destination.

We work with our own Philippine office that adhere to our high standards. We use air and ocean carriers that are respected for the quality of service, their timely meeting of schedules, and most important, their value of service.

All import / export procedures will be properly managed to achieve the swiftest transfer of your goods form origin to destination. On each and every move all documentation will be completed and provided to the proper authorities in a timely manner. What you want in an international move is for it to go smoothly and without incident, delay, or damage to your possessions.

Rally Express USA offers a FREE SURVEY at your home to determine manpower and material requirements for the proper planning of your move. You can  fax a list of your household goods and personal effects  for a quick shipping quote - our fax no. (213) 483-1435. For guidelines on rules and regulations given by the Philippine government for Returning Residents; OCW (Overseas Contract Worker) and Former Filipinos, visit the FAQ section . You may also print our Household Goods and Automobile Importing Guide as a reference to your relocation planning.  Choose from a variety of services based on your budget and requirements:

  • Door to Door with full service from your home to the Philippines
  • Door to Port - container drop, self-pack, load and ship
  • Warehouse to Door - pack and deliver to our warehouse yourself
  • Seaport to Seaport - 20 foot container and 40 foot container

For Visa and Passport requirements, visit The Philippine Consulate Los Angeles for more information.

For Duty and Tax Privileges by the Philippine Bureau of Customs, visit for further information.


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